7 Things You Should Prepare Before Build Outdoor Kitchen

Building an outdoor kitchen is a great way to create an outdoor living space. All the houses need to have a kitchen; it is such a heart for every house. Its main function is to prepare everyday meals, and for some occasions, like when the homeowner holds a big party. Build Outdoor Kitchen

A kitchen plays an important role in making special food, additionally, when there is a housewarming party, the kitchen can be a focal site to spend time together for cooking or chatting as well as enjoying the meal. An outdoor kitchen has its own challenge, as an outdoor living space it should be able to withstand from the weather changes without declining its main function, and here is the list of things that need to be prepared before building an outdoor kitchen.

#1. Location

The location assessment is the foremost thing to be done before starting building an outdoor kitchen. The thing that needs to be considered is how this location is connected to the main house, or at least the utilities, such as the gas system, plumbing system and electricity. For the recommendation, the sheltered area from the sun, wind and rain is more preferable.

#2. Safety Equipment

The safety of the outdoor kitchen should be considered well. Prepare the safety equipment that you may need, such as a fire extinguisher, safety gas turnoff valve and safety light. Put the fire extinguisher and installed the safety gas valve on the easiest accessible area. Ensure that the path to the outdoor kitchen is slip resistant.

#3. Sink and Plumbing System

The selected materials should be durable enough in order to withstand with the weather climate condition. For example, select the sink that is made of stainless steel. The plumbing system should be well-designed for the convenient sinking system.

#4. Appliance

Preparing the appliance is also the ultimate thing, as this is the main tools to make the food. The typical appliance for the kitchen such as a stove, but the most common appliance for the outdoor kitchen is a grill and oven. Prepare the appliance as you may need, depending on the original intention and uses of the outdoor kitchen.outdoor kitchen appliances installation

#5. Utilities: Gas System

The utilities such as gassing system need to be prepare and installed before the building process complete, as this system usually installed underground or through the wall.

#6. Refrigerator and Electricity System

The electricity is always needed even in the kitchen, when the mixer is used, surely it uses electricity. The common furniture on the kitchen that needs electricity is the refrigerator, it is used to store the food weather the raw food materials or the cooked ones. The iced food also needs to be kept on the freezer that is available inside the refrigerator.

#7. Cabinet/Storage Space

Likely the indoor kitchen, the cabinet or storage space is absolutely needed. This is not only used to store the food, but also to store utensil or the cooking tools.

The kitchen should be divided into several zones for its convenient, such as dry zone, wet zone, hot zone and cold zone. Make sure to make enough space for each for the convenient movement on the kitchen.

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