8 Steps How to Troubleshoot and Fix Common Refrigerator Problems

What if you encounter problems with your refrigerator? There are some problems that occur when you cannot keep your food cold conditions. Moreover, you cannot make ice. Well, you should know about the 8 steps how to troubleshoot and fix common refrigerator problems.refrigerator double door design

# 1. Cycles On and Off

There may be a problem on the component. You can check the voltage and overload protector opens. You also need to check the tubes and drain pans. Maybe, they are clogged.

# 2. Keeps on Running

Obviously, this is an annoying problem. In fact, you have turned off your refrigerator. Then, what happens? You can clean the condenser coils. Also, you can check the door seals. You also need to check on the switches.

# 3. The Freezer Problems

Basically, the freezer is the most important part of the refrigerator. After a few years, there is a serious problem in the freezer that cannot freeze the water. You can check the vents and drain tubes. There may be some debris in it.

# 4. Light Out

There is no problem in your refrigerator, but you find that the light is not on. It would be simple. You only need to replace the bulb. Usually, it occurs in a refrigerator with the condition for many years.undercounter refrigerator freezer drawers

# 5. Refrigerator is off, the Light is On

Well, this is a serious problem. You can check the temperature on the gauge. Then, check that the appliance and walls. You also need to clean the condenser coils. Use a brush or vacuum. After that, you can disconnect the refrigerator from the electrical. Let stand for about two hours. Then, turn it. If it lights up, there is the possibility that the refrigerator you are overheating. You should call a service to fix it.

# 6. It Does Not Work

What should you do with it? Well, you have to check the power cord. Usually, people often forget that they have not plugged it in electricity. So, you just need to be careful. However, there are many serious problems you do not know. So, you should check it on a service.

# 7. Power Cord

If there is a problem in the plug system, you can replace it because it would be dangerous for the power supply voltage.

# 8. Unstable Freezer

It is caused by unstable voltage. You can check it in the freezer and voltage.

Make sure that you have checked every problem in the refrigerator. You can make sure every problem on a particular component or part. So, you can save a lot of time and expense.

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