8 Guides How To Build Stone Patio With Fire Pit

A fire pit is typically built in the backyard. This fire pit area is usually used for the area for family gathering, to enjoy the fire pit while enjoying the cold weather together. An outdoor fire pit can be quite mesmerizing, when its fire flames lighting the dark night. This fire pit is also quite useful to burn the pruning or the dried grass or leaves. Here is a step-by-step guide how to build the stone patio with fire pit on your backyard.stone patio designs with fire pit 8 Guides How To Build Stone Patio With Fire Pit

#1. Prepare the Area

Before selecting the area, consider the flat area to build the patio. Once the area is decided, do the measurement, it is better to have a square patio. If it is required, remove the grass from the patio area.

#2. Prepare the Tools

You may need some tools to build the patio fire pit, so prepare those tools beforehand. You may need it at least a shovel, hand tamper, steel rake, mallet and so on. Put those tools, around the area so you can easily take it whenever needed.

#3. Prepare the Materials

The materials that are needed to make a patio fire pit are a wall block, paver base, wall adhesive, and fire pit. As for the amount, it is better to make calculation depending on the patio area and size of the fire pit. So, the exact amount of those materials can be defined.

#4. Digging Process

After the area, tool and material preparation is complete, start digging the soil as for the base. Dig about 45-inches square meter hole, with approximately 6-inches in deep. The stability of the patio fire pit is depending on this base. Therefore, it is better to bury the first course or stone for its stability.

#5. Pour the Base

When the hole is dug and level, the paver base can be poured approximately 3-inches in deep, tamp the paver base until it is compacted.

#6. Begin to Lay the Stone

Start laying the stone and level for each, the remaining base can be used to level each stone. Continue to lay the stone on the top of each other to make the ring of the fire pit. If the stone is not fit, cut it to make sure the stone arrangement is leveling each other.

#7. Make the Wall and Cap Stone

When the fire pit ring is finished or it reaches the height as planned, fill the wall with the scarp course or stone. Make sure that the wall is as compact as possible. Finally, lay the cap stone on the top of the fire pit wall.

#8. Make the Seating Area

To make the seat area, put the course or stone around the fire pit, around 10-15 feet in circle. To add a character put the chairs with the stand, thus you can enjoy the fire pit with the most comfortable mode.

Once the whole fire pit system is finished, you can start enjoying it with your family members.

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