7 Dressing Room Ideas For Small Space

Most people all over the world especially women will tend to love to have a glamorous dressing room inside their house. However, if you only have a small space at home, it does not mean that you cannot have your dreaming dressing room. Here are some important tips for creating a dressing room in a small space.dressing room ideas for women 7 Dressing Room Ideas For Small Space

#1. Travel Savvy

If you often purchase some luxurious shoes, handbags or dresses, you will love the idea of creating a travel savvy dressing room. This way, you will be able to show off all your precious accessories that you have bought from around the world.

#2. Shoes on Parade

If you have a wide array of shoes, you can try for a tower of drawers for convenient shoe storage. You can try a typical walk-in-closet to save more space.

#3. Something Neutral and Natural

For creating the illusion of a larger room, you can try something neutral and provide more natural colors. At first, you need to choose soft colors for the cabinets or racks.

#4. Creating an Open Space with an Oversized Mirror

Creating an open space will be really great for making the space look much larger than it should be. With the right touch, you can create a well-organized dressing room. For more, you can also add an oversized mirror for creating a larger room illusion.

#5. Dealing with French Details

We all know that French inspired furniture is typically classic and simple. With not too many details on the furniture and the room design, it is not possible to get a comfortable dressing room for a small space.

#6. Handcrafted Cabinetry

Instead of dealing with manufactured dressing room cabinetry, why don’t you start choosing handcrafted cabinetry? By doing this, you can design your own racks which will suit well with the space of your room.

#7. Making High Shelves

For saving a lot more space for the cabinetry, it is strongly recommended that you are trying to make high shelves. These high shelves will be very useful for saving more accessories like shoes, handbags, clothes, jackets, and socks so that you still have enough space to move around the dressing room.

Moreover, if you have more money, you can start to line your drawers with silk or even with fragrant paper so that your favorite room will look a lot more inviting. As long as you know some tips and tricks, it is not quite difficult to create a sophisticated dressing room for a small space.

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