7 Outdoor Speakers Systems Installation Instructions

Listening to music is an activity that does while doing another activity, such as cooking in the kitchen. Typically, most of people enjoy music with an indoor speaker system that is installed in the house. However, in some cases, an outdoor environment such as backyard can be used for enjoying music. Moreover, we hold a barbeque or house warming party in the house. Installing an outdoor speaker system does not have to be professional, we can do it by ourselves by following the instruction. Here is the instruction how to install the outdoor speaker system.outdoor speakers system design

#1. Select and Prepare the Location

Decide where the most suitable and mostly used place for the listening time, for example, whether it is a backyard or open garage the place you will spend your time. The distance of the speaker and listener is not critical, however, if the stereo speaker is used, keep them close to each other.

#2. Choose the Suitable Speaker System for Outdoor

The open environment, surely it is a widely opened environment. There will be different background noises as compared to indoor speakers, such as traffic, wind and even dog bark. Therefore, select the speaker for outdoor purpose when installing the outdoor speaker system.

#3. Dig the Area

Once the place of the speaker is decided, dig the area around 6 to 7 inches to cover approximately half of the speaker system. The ground of the hole should be even and as dried as possible. If it is required, lay one layer of course of brick stone on the ground of the hole.

#4. Place the Speaker

Place the speaker on the even hole with a strong stand point, so it not easy to be shaken.

#5. Run the Cable and Electricity System

Run the cable in to the easiest electricity supply. Make sure that the cable not in the walkway so it will not bother anyone who walks around the pathways. If it is possible, bury the two conductor wires to connect the speaker with the stereo.

#6. Connect to Amplifier or the Receiver

Connect the wire to the tape and make sure using a waterproof connector. Keep each connector clean; keep it from the water and soil because it can degrade the speaker performance.

#7. Mounting the Outdoor Speaker System and Install the Bracket

For the greater sound output, it is a great idea to mount each speaker. In order to ensure that the outdoor speaker is properly secured, it is better to install the bracket. Avoid using the metal bracket such as aluminum, it is better to use a wooden material for the speaker bracket.

Placing the speaker near the solid surface or wall eventually will increase the bass output of the speaker. Once the installation complete, enjoy and feel the different of the listening music on outdoor environment.

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