8 Must Haves Furniture Essentials and Items For Your Baby Nursery Room

In the first experience of parents, having a baby is a gift that should be well prepared. We know that parents always buy a lot of items that they put in the house. In fact, they may not know the reasons why they have to buy them. You should understand the basics of nursery items. So, here are 8 essentials must haves furniture and items for your baby nursery room.baby nursery room checklist

# 1. Crib

This is the main item for parents who await the birth of their baby. You can take a design in accordance with the character of the baby. There are several colors and sizes that should be considered carefully. You should take a strong design, robust and can last a long time.

# 2. Audio-Video Monitoring

You put a hidden camera to monitor your baby. Usually, there are some devices that only support audio features, but you better choose the audio version of the video that will facilitate a monitoring system. So, you can still perform a separate activity in another room without worrying about your baby.

# 3. Table

It is a piece of furniture that will assist you in changing diapers, and so on. You can take an interesting and well-balanced design with a style crib.

# 4. Dresser

However, your baby will need a wardrobe. In addition, you can save a lot of stocks of clean clothes in a dresser. Also, we can use it as portable furniture.

# 5. Mobile

There are many ways to create comfort for your baby. This is an ideal tool when you want to carry your baby for a walk. Usually, it is equipped with music and funny noises. Now, there are many designs that can be connected to the crib. So, you just need to install it, push the crib in the house.

# 6. Night Vision

Why do you need this? It is because you should not interfere with your baby at night. So, when you have turned off the lights, you can ensure that your baby is sleeping soundly. Of course, you can sneak in a room without having to wake your baby.

# 7. Hamper

Please take it to enhance your baby furniture. It will be very useful when you have to put clothes or hang them. Nowadays, there are many designs and materials that you can take.

# 8. Chair

Obviously, you will need a small seat for your baby. You can feed them jokingly. Also, there are a lot of very interesting designs to decorate the baby’s room. Please choose the size and color according to your baby.

So, you can set up eight items above. Of course, you can consider some other options for nursery needs.

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