8 Ways How To Remove Mold From Split Air Conditioner

There are some ways of removing mold from a split air conditioner which can be applied in easy ways. It is very inconvenient for your conditioner to have mold that can disturb its function. Also, it can cause the air conditioner producing bad air and illness inside your house. These following ways how to remove mold from a split air conditioner which you try include:ac mold removal

#1. Exposing the Filters

First thing you need to do is lifting the front of the unit so the filters are exposed. After that, the filters are pulled down and brought out of the unit.

#2. Cleaning the Filters

For this step you need a vacuum cleaner to remove the mold as well as the dust from the filters. However, you need to be careful not to breathe in the dust during you use the vacuum cleaner. You need to use mask while using it because moldy spores are inside the vacuum cleaner.

#3. Soaking the Filters

With a detergent which is dissolved in warm water, start soaking the filter which has been vacuumed into it. While doing so, you need to make sure that the filters are drowned entirely. After that, leave it for awhile.

#4. Vacuuming the Unit

Now, you can move to clean the unit. For this way, you need to focus on the inside of the unit that should be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner which is equipped with brush attachment. After that, using a damp fabric or cloth, workings which are exposed need to be wiped down.

#5. Preventing Spreading Mold

With the damp fabric or cloth before, you need to prevent the mold to spread everywhere. After that, you need to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt instantly to the filter of the vacuum or the bag.

#6. Removing Soaked Filters

Now, go back to the filters which have been soaked in warm water. You can remove them and then they need to be rinsed under cold water which is still running. After that, the excess water should be drained off by placing it in air dry.

#7. Putting Back the Filters

After all the cleaning processes have done, the filters should be pushed back into the air conditioner unit. While pushing it, you should make sure that the filters are snapped perfectly inside the unit. After that, you can close the front of the unit.

#8. Final Checking

Now, you can try to use the air conditioner to make sure that it works well after it has been cleaned.

It is very easy for you to do those ways above by yourself. Also, you can do it regularly if the mold comes again.

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