8 Tips and Ideas on How To Paint Your House Exterior

As a matter of fact, the exterior side of the house will be quite as important as the interior side of the house. It is because the exterior is basically the first thing that will be noticed by the guests before they are entering your house. From far distance, your lovely house will look amazing as long as you pay extra attention into your exterior side of the house. Here are some ideas for painting your house exterior.house exterior paint colors

#1. Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the right paint colors will be the first thing to do before you do anything. If you want your house to look absolutely attractive you can try to combine some bright colors with neutral colors. If you want something nice and elegant, you can just paint it with natural colors.

#2. Latex or Oil Based Colors?

Just before you start painting your outdoor area; it would be really essential if you know exactly about what type of color you want to apply. Latex and oil based are regarded to be the best choice for painting outdoor areas.

#3. Using Venetian Plaster

If you are a typical person who tends to love anything in perfection, using a Venetian plaster can be a very great idea to hide any imperfection. You will be able to protect the walls from any weather changes.

#4. Organizing Painting Supplies

It would be pretty much important to organize exactly about your painting supplies. First of all, you can measure the area that you want to paint so you can purchase painting supplies based on it.

#5. Preparing the Walls

You must to keep in mind that you will need to prepare the walls first before you start any paintings. You have to make sure that the walls are clean enough from any debris or dust so that you can maximize your paintings.

#6. Painting the Front Door, Step by Step

You can start painting the front door before or after you are painting the walls or other parts of the house exterior. When painting the front door, do it step by step from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top.

#7. Painting with Neutral and Traditional Colors

If you want your lovely house to look elegant yet beautiful from the outside or you have a plan to sell your house in the near future, painting it with some neutral and traditional colors can be the best idea. Some colors like white, pale green, beige, pale yellow and more wood colors will be nice.

#8. Considering about Brushers and Rollers for Painting

As long as you choose the right tools and preparations, you will get the success of painting the house exterior. It includes choosing the right brushers and rollers for painting the walls, the floors, or the doors.

For some people, doing the job done for painting the house exterior might be a little bit difficult to do. However, as long as you are following some important rules above, it would be quite easy and simple to be done, even when you decide to do it on your own. You can start to divide the job with the whole family so it can be a nice job for everyone.

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