8 Packing Supplies Checklist For Moving House

Moving house can be so tiring that it needs much stuff to organize. Therefore, you need to arrange everything, starting from making a checklist for packing your supplies and things to handle until you move to the new house securely with no worries. Here are the tips from two months to the day preparation.packing supplies for moving list box

#1. Two Months before Moving: Things to Handle

You can either choose a moving company or truck rental company to move stuffs from your old house to the new one. After that, you should make a floor plan for new home furniture and placement. When you move, you certainly must to sell or rent your house to others and this requires you to upgrade the paint, lighting, and lawn to attract the buyers.

#2. Six Weeks to the Day

You need to prepare for finding out how your new house’s environment are looks like, what community it has, or what kind of activities that people usually do. Here, you should also make the storage arrangement, appraise for pieces of art for new home, and contact the doctor about the medical records.

#3. Four Weeks List preparation

For weeks before moving out, you need to disconnect all the utility services. For example, if you have the last month deposit with the service with telephone Company, you need to make it off. Besides, you also must reserve the rental truck just in case the schedule of the company is crowded. It is better to check the insurance offered by moving house Company during the transit. The most important one is to pack all the documents such as birth certificate, passports, financial and insurance documents.

#4. Three Weeks to Go: The Auto Registration

You should prepare the auto registration for the transfer if your new house is in the other state. However, you need to first fill out the post office change first, dispose certain item, and prepare your child-care arrangement during the house moving to ensure her/his safety.

#5. Two Weeks to Go: Pack Travel Kit

In two weeks before going to a new house, you need to cancel the newspaper delivery if you are a regular subscriber. If you have something borrowed, like book, return it soon to library. You should tell the creditors as well if you are dealing with them recently. Send or tell anyone you expect to know the new address of your home so that they can contact you. For the packing, you should pack travel kit like a check book, phone book, ID, key toiletries, towels, credit cards, cups, and games for kids just in case they might be bored. Get the suitcase with clothes you are about to take ready as well.

#6. One Day to Go: Pack Items to Box

You should begin to pack items that will be needed in new houses in boxes and do not forget to label them. Transferring the bank account is also needed. For electrical appliances such as television and refrigerator, you must disconnect them so that they will be ready to be loaded to a truck the next day.

#7. The Day of Moving

Make sure that there must be someone waiting in the old house to answer question. You should also read lading and inventory bill before do the signing. After that, keep the paper secured.

#8. The delivery Day: Unpacking and Unloading

After the stuffs arrive to your new house, you need to check them just in case there are any damaged items found. Pay the driver and if you need his assistance for unpacking and unloading the stuffs, give him a tip.

Moving house needs a lot of preparation from two months earlier in order to make everything runs smoothly and well to minimize any delay, something left or forgotten to be either handled or packed.

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