8 Office Relocation Checklist for Business Moves

When you deal with office moving, this can be double tiring and tough matter compared to house since it requires different stuffs and arrangement. To ensure everything runs well and support your business improvement, here is the common checklist for office relocation.office relocation project plan 8 Office Relocation Checklist for Business Moves

#1. Prepare These Physical Plans

You should begin with obtaining the floor plan of office layout, blue print of office location, and the new layout approval. Besides, using that blue print obtained, you are required to make the furniture orientation adjusted with the layout and need. Besides, you must identify several things on the floor plan such as data lines, printers, voice jack location, and analog lines.

#2. Get the Teams Ready

For team preparation, you should identify the co-workers of the project team and seek for the backup member as well. Besides, you should also establish the testing team, computer team, printer team, network team, and employee team.

#3. Label all the Items

You should label the analog lines with A, data lines with D and digital phone lines with V. When it comes to computer equipment, label them with the identification number. Meanwhile, you can also involve colours for rooms to house the stuff.

#4. Organize Wiring and Phone

You must identify the telephone server at your office new location and label it on the floor plan. Besides, you need also to confirm the requirement of the server such as the security, electrical, cooling, and etc. To estimate the cable size requirement, you can use the desk layout.

#5. Cleaning Terms

You should also maintain the good look of your office stuffs as the investment of your business and quality of the work. Therefore, you should lean all the furniture, wall hangings, and electronic items.

#6. Tools and Equipments

regarding the important documents, do not let them go with the truck but keep it by your own hand. You should also determine the items to be moved, donated, or threw to sorter what important one to move.

#7. Meetings

You should make a contact list of key personnel and vendors for sending all the clients and work partners your new office’s address. Besides, you should also make the copies to be given to all team leader. Besides, you must conduct a team meeting to discuss the time lines ahead. The conference scheduling is also considered important to do as well.

#8. Communication

The communication actually goes together with meetings, that you are required to inform the clients about the office relocation. This is important to support your business and company’s good prospect ahead.

Those entire eight checklist for office relocation is very important to do in order to make the moving runs as secured as expected. They make everything well organized until you can use and enjoy the new office.

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