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8 Guides How To Build Stone Patio With Fire Pit

stone patio designs with fire pit 150x150 8 Guides How To Build Stone Patio With Fire Pit

A fire pit is typically built in the backyard. This fire pit area is usually used for the area for family gathering, to enjoy the fire pit while enjoying the cold weather together. An outdoor fire pit can be quite mesmerizing, when its fire flames lighting the dark night. This fire pit is also quite ...

8 Ways How To Remove Mold From Split Air Conditioner

ac mold removal

There are some ways of removing mold from a split air conditioner which can be applied in easy ways. It is very inconvenient for your conditioner to have mold that can disturb its function. Also, it can cause the air conditioner producing bad air and illness inside your house. These following ways how to remove ...

7 Common Bathroom Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

bathroom waste problems

Every day, we use the bathroom. For months, we should be aware that there are some problems that may arise. Well, maybe you can fix it. Or, at least, you understand some of the disturbances in the bathroom. So, here are 7 common bathroom problems and troubleshooting tips. # 1. Suction Sounds Typically, we find it in ...